Indian economy is agriculture dependant and because of this, our exchanges are offering future trading in large number of commodities. In Indian market MCX is having 72% share with $ 215 billion In India 65% of labour is involved in agriculture/its
product and 90% general population is directly or indirectly involved with commodities. Now a days, in India, there are more then 20 local exchanges and 3000 mandies which will be interconnected by MCX and NCDEX.

Marfatia - Your Tirading Partner

At Marfatia Commodities, we are committed to take commodity trading to new dimensions of reliability and profitability. We have made significant in roads in changing the scenario of commodity trading from an essential age-old practice to a sophisticated and scientific investment option.

Here we enable trade in all goods and products of agricultural and mineral origin that include lucrative popular commodities like GOLD. SILVER and CRUDE OIL through a well-systemized trading platform. Marfatia Commodities is not only a trade

facilitator but also caters to the unique needs of exchanged based commodity trading with its

Advantage of Marfatia Group

State Wide Network

SMS Services

Ledger Balance

Open Positions

Trading Facilities in multiple segment.

Trading Calls on Whats App

Worldwide online trading facilities

Online back office support

Highly process driven, diligent approach

Powerful Research, Analytics

One of the “Best in class" dealing rooms

Our commitment to excel in this sector stems from the immense importance that commodities broking has to a cross - section of investors, farmers, exporters, importers, manufacturers.

Why Trade in Commodities?

-Big International Market

Because of the Listed commodities include Bullion, Metals, Energy and Agri Product, Trading in commodities provides a lucrative market opportunity for investors, arbitragers, hedgers, traders, manufacturer, exporters and importers.

You can trade in commodities like -

Precious Metals

Gold, Silver

Base metals:

Aluminum, Copper, Nickel, Lead, Zinc

Agro Commodities

Jeera, Sugar, Maize, Turmeric, Dhania, Castor seeds


Crude Oil, Natural Gas

Future trading eases the hassles and costs of settlements and storage for traders who don't want custody. The most lucrative element of utures trading is that it allows investors to participate and trade at nominal Costs.

You no longer need to put the whole amount for trading, Only the margin is required.

Taders can short sell and profit from falling prices.

Indian commodity market operates for 14 hours a day covering timing of all major international commodity exchange, thus traders get ample time to earn profits.

Commodity futures derive their prices from the underlying commodity and commodity prices cannot become zero. Commodity has a global presence and hence, it's a good portfolio diversifier.

Now, one does not need to hold commodities physically in werehouse. Now a days depositories offer to hold your commodities in physical form.

Browser and application based platforms can also be made available for commodity trading,

Whats app services for research advice and to keep you abreast with your investments.

Risk Factors of Commodities Future Market There are lots of positive reasons to trade in Commodities Futures, but as there will be change in balance of demand and supply of any commodities, prices will change and these will shows instability of price in commodities market.

Commodities can be a superb compliment to bonds and equities. As a long term investment, commodities offer the potential for attractive returns, can reduce risk through improved diversification and may help portfolios to outpace inflation